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We started Conscious Connections in July, 2015, since then we have grown to become a warm, friendly community of kind-hearted people who welcome all and everyone to join us for some "Real Talk."

Every meeting starts with introductions, then we move into a round table discussion related to the "topic of choice" (different topic every week), followed by a hands on exercise to integrate the ideas from the night and we wrap up our meetup with a closing circle.

The purpose of our meeting is to come together and collectively hold compassionate, loving space for each other. We do our best to suspend judgement and we recognize, if judgement does come up, it's simply a reflection of ourselves, if I'm having a judgement, it says more about me, then it does about the person I may be judging. This awareness helps me let go of judgement and replace it with compassion and acceptance for everyone in the room.

The intention of Conscious Connections is to create a safe and supportive environment, this encourages everyone to show up and be real. We do our best to check our ego's at the door and we show up in complete authenticity. We support each other by finding the similarity in everyone's words, this is not a place for debate or criticism... this is a place for love and acceptance. The safe space we create gives everyone an opportunity to be seen, heard and understood for who they truly are.

We hold compassionate space for one another by focusing on the positive qualities of everyone. When we listen to the each other, we look for the best in each person, we see that person in a loving space of kindness, support and acceptance for who they are. When we see others in this positive light, it helps them to recognize their own beauty and uniqueness.

We accept each other, flaws and all... we realize no one is perfect, and we get that we're all here on this planet, trying to do the best we can. We can be so hard on each other and we can be really hard on ourselves. Conscious Connections provides the space for us to start being gentle with one another... including ourselves. It's an interesting phenomena; when you're immersed in a loving space with people who only see the best in you, it allows you to start seeing the best in yourself.

We choose to lift each other up, rather than tear each other down. By encouraging, supporting and focusing on the positive attributes of everyone in the room, we always walk away with new insights, connections and lots of Love.

Hope you'll join us!

"Imagine what seven billion humans could accomplish if we all Loved and Respected each other... Imagine"


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Communication is the way in which we understand ourselves and others. It is the door-way to discovery and learning. It is the mirror that we go through to find a common voice that sometimes says a lot even without words. Being such a fundamental topic, this time, we are going to explore communication from the perspective of one of its key components: listening. When we listen, we are aware. There’s a silence in between each word, sound or gesture that somehow tells the truth. We listen to ourselves by acknowledging our emotion and intuition, our inner voice. We listen, feel and understand others through their gestures, expression and sometimes, because they are our friends, family or acquaintances, we just know them. This online gathering will begin by setting the intention (spread love, not fear), then each participant will share where they are from and why they chose to join the call, from here we will move into smaller break-out rooms. Each break-out room will be facilitated to keep the conversation flowing so that everyone has a chance to share. The facilitators will share fun conversation starters, ensuring a light conversation that helps everyone experience a joyful evening together, while learning more about themselves and others. We welcome all, no judgment or criticism... just Love! This is a safe place for people to show up, to be real, and to know that they are loved, just as they are. Please join us in our discussion or simply observe and take in some new ideas. With much Love and appreciation! The Conscious Connections Team “Communication is much more than talking. It is learning to listen and convey the understanding that one has heard not only what was said, but also what was meant.” – Mary H. Guindon


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“Self-awareness” is about focusing your awareness on yourself. It’s your ability to notice your feelings, your physical sensations, your reactions, your habits, your behaviors and your thoughts. You are aware of all those different aspects of yourself as if you were another person observing you. Self-awareness is about being honest with yourself. We all have a self-image of how we want others to perceive us. You might view yourself as punctual, but in reality you are often late to appointments. Self-awareness is about focusing on the reality of your behavior and not on the story you tell yourself about yourself. Here is a practical exercise of self-awareness : - Are you willing to be wrong about your thoughts ? - Are you willing to let the people in your life show you how you respond to fear ? - Think of one person that you love : In what ways is this person here to help you become more aware and more connected to your highest self ? It is all about self-awareness and the ability to pause and observe our reactions to events and people around us.

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