What we're about

Gathering together a group of women who wish to:
* Explore their inner voices utilizing different modalities.
* Acknowledge, & own unique abilities, talents & gifts.
* Open to change & allow manifestation to occur.
* Consciously create successful outcomes.
We will be exploring our subconscious belief systems using meditation, visualization, written exploration and ( as I am a certified hypnotherapist), hypnotherapy, to understand how we are holding ourselves back from living the lives we so desperately desire! The group will meet weekly, in the evening. I am a firm believer that money holds value in that is an energy expenditure that we accept or share. I have found that if something is "free" there is not any perceived value and energy is not expended. The commitment to the group, to show up and do the work is diminished. In other word, group participants flake out and do not value my time, their work or mine. Therefore donations for materials and the facility will be accepted when attending a group meeting. This workshop is intended to be a safe place to explore. It was conceived for woman, but any genders are welcome as long as the intention is open and honest.

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