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Living from our values day-to-day amidst pressure, conflict and disruption takes strong conscious awareness, courage, and creativity to find solutions that address multiple needs and perspectives. Yet, emotional overload and stress make it more difficult for us to think creatively, to plan, organize, innovate, solve problems, and make decisions.

Mindfulness can spark new ideas, shift perspectives and clarify what is most important in just a few minutes. Our thoughts, our breath and our connectedness are always available for us, even in intense times. Most of us could use more practice consciously centering, and a community to do that work with.
Making space consult one’s inner wisdom, reflect, and visualize and just got a little easier. Author of The Conscious Professional and work-life integration expert, Jessica Hartung will begin weekly creative centering meetups to enhance creativity, develop new solutions, and explore possibilities. 30 minutes of guided centering followed by Q&A. Join us to focus the mind and bring forth your creative ideas. No fees.

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