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This is a Mindful Community.

Welcome! If you would like to come to our events, please read this section in full in advance so you can familiarise yourself with the group ethos and how it works. If you're new to the community feel free to come along to a few events before putting yourself forward to help. Everyone else is asked to please elect yourselves to rosters that appeal to you below to facilitate the smooth running of the community. Thank you.

This community is intended to be a platform to facilitate people who are living consciously in Dublin to meet with each other and form friendships. Living consciously implies not only the desire but the ability to interact in a loving and wholesome way with others and the world around us. This translates into nourishing conversation, a non-judgemental, non-dualistic, and liberal attitude, awareness of the present, an appreciation of our impact on each other, and respect for each other's boundaries.

Simultaneously, this is a community of like-minded people capable of engaging with each other in harmony and awareness. We intentionally cultivate the seeds of understanding and compassion in both ourselves and others, that in turn foster a sense of acceptance and belonging. Members of this group realise our interconnectedness and its associated responsibility - how we each behave affects the whole. Knowing this, each person takes responsibility to ensure their actions are in line with the ethos of the group.

As a community initiative, events are fully dependent upon participants contributing their services, energy, time and/or talents in order for it to function. All members of this community are asked to self-elect to the Hosting roster below to co-host events. In the rare exception where this may not be possible, please contact the community organiser to discuss. Hosts, those helping with general duties, musicians, singers, speakers and members offering poetry, stories and/or meditations, in general come from the community itself. In addition to the Hosting roster, please familiarise yourself with and elect yourself to any other rosters that appeal to you. Everyone has something unique to contribute and we are always open to creative ideas and suggestions. This is your community! Its continued success is in your hands! Vacant slots mean no associated activity at that event. Vacant hosting slots means no event takes place which will affect venue security for future events!.... So please be mindful. Here we appreciate that it is in giving that we truly receive.

When we come together we are mindful that we interact in a positive way with each other, through wholesome and meaningful conversation related to just about any topic, ensuring tolerance of differences, with the overall intention of generating a nourishing and up-lifting experience for everyone who comes along.

Activities will include ordinary engagements such as tea/coffee, chats, music, walks, talks, poetry, picnics, meals and anything else that's of interest etc. from this wholesome perspective. All ages welcome (18+). It is envisaged that this platform will continue to be shaped and evolve in line with its participants.

This community has been inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh and his mindfulness trainings and is supported and sustained by practices from his Plum Village tradition: ( All members agree to handle conflict situations that arise within this group themselves by familiarising themselves with and adhering to the Plum Village "Peace Treaty" in the first instance which is to be followed up by practising "Beginning Anew" with each other. Links to these loving processes can be found below this paragraph. Community members are not required but encouraged to develop a mindful meditation practice in order to generate an optimally conscious community environment when we are together e.g: Oscailt, 8 Pembroke Road, Dublin 2. on Tuesday evenings from 19:45 to 21:15 or on the last Sunday of the month from 14:00 to 18:00.

Peace Treaty: (

Beginning Anew: (


Hosting Roster:

All community members are asked to co-host events. Please elect yourself to a date that suits you: (

Spoken Contributions Roster:

Community members who would like to offer some poetry, tell a story or offer a talk on a topic that will help the community to live more consciously, please elect yourself here: (

Musician's Roster:

Musician's who wish to share their music with the community please elect yourselves to the following roster. No professional standards whatsoever are expected: (

Some suggested songs can be found here but it is by no means a requirement to choose material from this list: (

Creative Alternatives Roster:

Members wishing to offer creative gifts not captured in other rosters are invited to self-elect here: (

Meditation Roster:

Friends who wish to offer the community a brief (10-15 minutes) meditation at the beginning of events on Sundays are welcome to elect yourselves here: (

General Duties Roster:

Every week each event has a number of associated tasks. If your heart is inspired to support the community in the various ways it needs on any given week, then please elect yourself here: (

Conscious Friendship's RSVP Policy

Dear Friends,

In an effort to ensure those interested in attending events have the opportunity to do so, the following RSVP policy has come into effect as of July 17th 2017. All members are asked to familiarise themselves with it. Thank you.

1) Friends are asked to ensure their RSVP is accurate for all events.

2) If a friend has 3 no shows at events they will receive a message explaining that if it happens 2 more times they will no longer be able to sign up for events.

3a) Friends who wish to change their RSVP for an event are asked to do so as soon as possible. A minimum of 24 hours before the event commences is requested - changing it on the day does not allow other friends sufficient time to prepare themselves to attend.

3b) Please do not put messages regarding your change in RSVP on the web page.

4) Friends no longer permitted to sign up for events as a result of multiple no shows, can make an appeal by private messaging the Community Organiser to request a conversation with the Community Organiser and Event Organiser – RSVPs to discuss the situation, if they so wish.

If anybody has queries regarding the RSVP policy, please call Patrick on 086-2631689 to discuss.

Please also take into consideration that we are given exclusive and complimentary access to the venues where our events are held, and it is therefore, essential, that they are full, in order to respect and retain the arrangements in place.

We trust that this policy will support our events and help us foster a community of friends who, in line with the ethos of this initiative, are considerate of everyone’s needs and the group as a whole going forwards.

With love and best wishes,

The Conscious Friendship's Care Taking Committee.

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