What we're about

This group is for the leaders, Entrepreneurs and business owners of Stockholm who are ready to level up their ability to lead a more powerfull and inspiring life personally and professionally. Alongside a group of others who are committed to the same goal

This community is a opportunity for you if any of the following is true;

- You’re seeking a community of extraordinary people who inspire you

- You’re a leader with a powerful vision. You dream bigger than anyone around you. You refuse to be bound by linear thinking. It’s why people follow you

- You’re not afraid of failure. You’ve got a track record of making mistakes and you’ve learned from every one of them

- You have a mission so big that nothing will stop you. Or you’re ready for one

- You’re a rule-breaker. You watch what others do and you do the opposite

- You want to spend time with fascinating people who stretch your mind

- Your real goal is beyond money and recognition – it’s freedom

- You’re not afraid of disapproval

- You love to play and have fun ( or would love to find a way to expand more of this in your life

- You thrive on challenges

We will meet twice a month to build and grow our skills as leaders in life and business sharing best practices, essential tools and skills and sharing stories.

From time to time i will facilitate some small workshops on key topics that YOU GET TO DECIDE

There is a quote from the excellent book Show Your Work by Austin Kleon that says" If your in a room and you are the most interesting person, you're in the wrong room"

This is the Right room if that saying is true for you.

I look forward to starting this journey in late June in the meanwhile please feel free to connect with me here facebook.com/ryanbranch.coach

and enjoy a free gift from me upon joining

See you soon,

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What makes a great leader?

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