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Annie: I was inspired to create this group, because of my personal long history of suffering from Anxiety and at times in my life Depression. I also have struggled with emotional dependence on Alcohol to help me block emotions, and or past trauma. I went through somewhat of awakening after my mother passed away.I strongly believe that each person that comes into our life has a lesson to teach. Believe me, I have learned a lot of lessons. Some are welcome lessons, others are unfathomable, still the same lessons. Each lesson learned has brought us to the place we are today. This group is "our" group. Let's build a community where we can love and support each other. Love is the highest vibration there is. support. . When you suffer and go through situations, there is a lesson to be learned. All of the events and meetings we have will be focused on self-healing and personal transformation. Together we are stronger.

Annie G. co-organizer, and event planner



Luis: I am an intuitive energy practitioner. Almost 9 years ago I found Matrix Energetics and discovered that I have skills to help people to heal, change or transform their lives, in the same wayMatrix did for me. Our body is energy, we are energy and energy can transform us into something different, that is why I love Matrix Energetics. I have the ability to connect with my clients and help them transform physical as well as emotional problems into a different energy, that serves them better. Helping people to have more peace and clarity is a very empowering way to approach our bodies and our reality. We have the power to choose. Energy is always ready to transform.

Luis N. co-organizer and Energy Practitioner.


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