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What we're about

Rise is a New York City based meditation and personal development platform focused on self empowerment.

Simple, Powerful, Impactful.

We give you the tools to actualize your highest potential. Powerfully connect, share, and the learn skills to expand your overall state of being.

Members learn:
✔ Powerful grounding & expanding techniques
✔ The energetic structure of the human body
✔ Connect deeply to the world around you
✔ Open up to higher spaces of consciousness
✔ Enhance and expand your intuition
✔ Get clarity on important decisions and life purpose
✔ Channel source energy through your body
& much more...

A note from the founder:

Meditation is the foundation from which you will build. Knowledge and wisdom will keep you upright, and community will help you grow. We can not wait to meet you!

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