What we're about

Meeting new friends, and perhaps someone more.

Creating space; raising consciousness and awareness.

Supporting each other and bringing out the A game in each other.

Exploring our human connection in an overly digitized world.

You should join this group if you are becoming an aware person in the present moment. Join this group if you are BRINGING something to the group, and not just asking for the group to bring something to you.

Join this group if you are interested in learning more about the previous sentence.

Join this group if you are tired of the "shopping list" and "zombie" nature of dating where you are only looking for someone to fill you up or give you what you need.

Join if you are ready for an adventure and to learn more, not just about others, but about yourself.

Join if you are looking to experience a warmth and an intimacy that will help you.

Don't join if you have already arrived and know more than other people about everything.

Don't join if you have 3 mouths and only 1 ear.

Don't join if you are looking for a hook-up.

Don't join if you're NOT open to exploring your inner world.

Don't join if you are not open to listening to others and creating a common vision and mission for our group.

Our events will be held in a circle where we each will have the opportunity to check in with the group and to introduce themselves each week. Our gatherings will be led, at first, by the organizer (Jeff) and eventually, each of us will have the opportunity to lead a group discussion on a topic we choose.

We will have refreshments and social time following our reflections and discussion on the topic for the evening. The topic for the evening will function to give us something relevant and pertinent to talk about in case we don't know what to talk about.

Part of what we will do in the circle is listen in order to support each other.

The circle each week will be a place where we will check in with the group for 1 minute (depending upon the size of the group, maybe less, maybe more.).

Each person will have an opportunity to speak and be heard.

Our meetings will be confidential and safe and full of interesting people.

Come explore.

Time is ticking.

Group meeting: 2 hours
Cost: $10

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