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DEFINING TRUE PURPOSE AND FULFILLMENT With our busy lives, demanding careers, rising cost of living and challenging relationships, it can feel overwhelming and hard to find a place of peace and connection. However, science is now discovering that the key to our happiness lies within us. Join Joey Klein for this FREE event from 7:30-9:00 as he combines the ancient spiritual teachings of the East with Western science. Learn a simple meditation that will help you relax, rejuvenate and heal. Discover the profound joy and fulfillment that only comes through grounded spirituality.

KCI Expo Center

11730 NW Ambassador Drive · Kansas City, MO

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Each of us seeks a life of joy and happiness. However, many of us ride a daily roller coaster of emotional ups and downs. At an unconscious level our emotions can rule our lives and cloud our daily experience. These patterns are established early in life and position us to experience particular feelings and particular results in life. Sadly, most people play the same emotional patterns over and over again their whole lives. The key to manifesting the life we want is to go to our core emotional pattern and change it. With that shift, we are much more likely to consciously create the relationships and situations we want in life. These shifts enable us to live from a place of joy, peace and harmony.

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