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What we're about

This is a mastermind group (with networking of course) based on Conscious Capitalism (CC) principles (Conscious Leadership, Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious Culture, Higher Purpose). We will focus on bringing the CC conversation down to a lower level about how to actually apply these principles to your business.

Who should attend:
1. Executives or leaders who want to bring CC principles into your organization
2. Consultants who want to bring CC principles into your clients' organizations
The principles apply to all organizations (for-profit, non-profit, private or public).

The ROI of implementing conscious business principles into your organization are:
• Employee retention increases as employees find meaning and happiness through work.
• Productivity grows as employees cooperate more by removing personal barriers.
• Creativity blossoms as individuals discover their unique talents.
• Quality improves as employees are passionately committed to doing the right thing.
• Innovation expands from employees who are encouraged to share ideas.

As a mastermind group, we will discuss, document and share best practices. Bring an open mind and a willingness to boldly discuss ways to run purpose-driven organizations. Topics will include employee development, creativity, leadership, process, strategy, and culture. Programming will be responsive to what members feel to be the best use of their time and attention.

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