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Nia Dance Classes in Bethesda

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Price: $20.00 /per person
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The Mindfulness Center is Nia Central for the DC Area. They offer four classes per week and monthly Nia Experiential Workshops and Nia Jams. Come try Nia and you'll see why it's the most pleasurable way to workout.

Nia Technique

What is Nia?

Nia is a cardiovascular workout that stimulates and integrates your mind, body, and spirit and leaves you feeling recharged, rejuvenated, and fully alive. Nia blends dance, martial arts, and healing arts (including yoga) to allow your dancer, athlete, warrior, and child to expressively emerge.

Why practice Nia?

Doing Nia Technique increases the pleasure of living in your body; Nia creates weight loss and proper weight maintenance; Nia strengthens muscles, improves muscle tone, and increases muscle definition; Nia calms the mind and relieves stress; Nia improves grace, flexibility and endurance. Nia builds reservoirs of chi and improves cognitive functioning. And so much more!

Who does Nia?

Nia is practiced by people of all walks of life, ages, and fitness levels.

Nia is done barefoot to a wide range of music styles and sounds. It’s the most pleasurable way to get fit, feel better, and have some fun!

More about Nia Technique

Nia is innovative, transformational exercise that expands and deepens the experience of fitness. Through movement, music, and fun, Nia classes guide you to move your body the way it is intended to move. Based in the dance arts, martial art and healing arts, Nia offers a total, invigorating mind-body workout that emphasizes joy, pleasure and ease.

Nia classes vary in their focus, but always provide new tools for you to further develop your relationship with your body, including:

-Ways to strengthen muscles and gain flexibility without inducing injury

-Newfound awareness of the essential relationship between the feet and the rest of the body, in stillness and in movement

–Guidance in releasing tension through the neck and shoulders, even while engaging in dynamic, fast-paced upper-body movement

-Cognitive awakening through working with neuromuscular patterns that stimulate and attune your body, mind and spirit

–Support for your individual creativity in all realms of self-expression,

Everyone is welcome to any Nia class. No prior training is necessary. Come and join us! Nia will help you to feel truly “conditioned,” in all senses of the word!


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