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Conscious Girlfriend: We Help Lesbians & Queer Women Date Wisely and Love Well.

Welcome to our Meetup group! Conscious Girlfriend offers free workshops and teleclasses, many free articles and videos on our website (www.consciousgirlfriend.com) plus a variety of other offerings - including in-depth online classes and live weekend retreats - all focused on helping lesbians and queer women find, create and sustain the happy, healthy love we want and deserve.

Our work is based on neuroscience, psychology, spirituality and other tools of transformation -- and it can help you find the partner of your dreams, and create the relationship you've always wanted.

I'm Ruth L. Schwartz, Ph.D., and I co-founded Conscious Girlfriend with Michelle Murrain back in 2013. Here's a bit about the professional background that went into that: I have a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and have helped individuals and couples grow and heal since 2003. I also trained in relationship coaching with Gay and Katie Hendricks, authors of Conscious Loving and many other books, and with the Somatica Institute, which offers a pioneering, experiential approach to sexuality and intimacy coaching.

But most importantly, I walk my talk and live Conscious Girlfriend principles every day in my own intimate relationship! I'm very transparent, not a "guru," but a real live person on my own growth path. I came out in 1982 and am completely committed to learning more about love, and loving in healthier and more intimate ways, each and every day -- and to learning what I teach, teaching what I learn, and supporting our community!

About You

If you're a single lesbian or queer woman who's seeking a new relationship sometime soon...

If you're not sure you want another relationship, but you do know for sure you don't want any more heartbreak...

If you know you're not ready now, but want help gaining skills and tools so that someday you can create the kind of deeply fulfilling, healthy love you've always wanted...

Or if you're in a relationship now, and want tools and skills to make your love as intimate, joyful, harmonious and satisfying as it can be...

We hope you'll join this Meetup group, and take advantage of some of our offerings!

We are very compassionate and inclusive. If you identify as a woman and are interested in loving a woman, you're welcome (whether you're trans, queer, lesbian, gay, genderqueer, just coming out, bisexual, monogamous, poly, or however else you might identify.)

For more information, check us out at http://www.ConsciousGirlfriend.com .

In love,


(Ruth L. Schwartz, Ph.D.)

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