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Conscious Girlfriend: We Help Lesbians & Queer Women Date Wisely and Love Well.

Welcome to our Meetup group! Conscious Girlfriend offers free workshops and teleclasses, many free articles and videos on our website (www.consciousgirlfriend.com) plus a variety of other offerings - including in-depth online classes and live weekend retreats - all focused on helping lesbians and queer women find, create and sustain the happy, healthy love we want and deserve.

Our work is based on neuroscience, psychology, spirituality and other tools of transformation -- and it can help you find the partner of your dreams, and create the relationship you've always wanted.

I'm Ruth L. Schwartz, Ph.D., and I co-founded Conscious Girlfriend with Michelle Murrain back in 2013. Here's a bit about the professional background that went into that: I have a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and have helped individuals and couples grow and heal since 2003. I also trained in relationship coaching with Gay and Katie Hendricks, authors of Conscious Loving and many other books, and with the Somatica Institute, which offers a pioneering, experiential approach to sexuality and intimacy coaching.

But most importantly, I walk my talk and live Conscious Girlfriend principles every day in my own intimate relationship! I'm very transparent, not a "guru," but a real live person on my own growth path. I came out in 1982 and am completely committed to learning more about love, and loving in healthier and more intimate ways, each and every day -- and to learning what I teach, teaching what I learn, and supporting our community!

About You

If you're a single lesbian or queer woman who's seeking a new relationship sometime soon...

If you're not sure you want another relationship, but you do know for sure you don't want any more heartbreak...

If you know you're not ready now, but want help gaining skills and tools so that someday you can create the kind of deeply fulfilling, healthy love you've always wanted...

Or if you're in a relationship now, and want tools and skills to make your love as intimate, joyful, harmonious and satisfying as it can be...

We hope you'll join this Meetup group, and take advantage of some of our offerings!

We are very compassionate and inclusive. If you identify as a woman and are interested in loving a woman, you're welcome (whether you're trans, queer, lesbian, gay, genderqueer, just coming out, bisexual, monogamous, poly, or however else you might identify.)

For more information, check us out at http://www.ConsciousGirlfriend.com .

In love,


(Ruth L. Schwartz, Ph.D.)

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Info Session: Become a Lesbian/Queer Dating & Relationship Coach

Network event

Intrigued by the thought of becoming a Conscious Girlfriend coach and helping lesbians and queer women worldwide? Learn why and how Conscious Girlfriend Coach Training & Certification can prepare you to support our community in healthy dating and relationships, while also supporting your abundant right livelihood.

Join us on Thursday, January 27, 6:00-7:30 p.m. Pacific Time, to learn more! The meeting will be recorded and we'll send out the replay, so if you can't come live, send me your questions ahead of time! (But first check out this page, https://www.consciousgirlfriendacademy.com/certification, to find out the basics and see if the program might be a fit for you.)

Conscious Girlfriend Coach Training May Be Right For You If...

-- You're already experienced as a coach, therapist or healer in one or more modalities -- or you're considering becoming a coach and want to dive deeper in understanding lesbian and queer women's dating and relationship challenges and how we can transform them, to create the love lives we truly want.

-- You have lived experience on the LGBTQ spectrum, and you're passionate about serving our community.

-- You embrace "the path of the wounded healer" around dating and relationships. You know that being an effective coach doesn't require you to have a perfect love life yourself, and you're willing to keep doing your own deep work, learning and healing even as you show up in fuller ways to help others.

-- You love working with clients, but not having to market your practice, so a steady stream of referrals would make you a happy camper.

-- Your private practice can sometimes feel isolating, and you'd welcome being part of a supportive community of lesbian and queer coaches.

-- You're excited to better understand the specific challenges lesbians and queer women face in love, and the solutions that can transform our lives.

Imagine being able to:

-- Get trained, mentored and supported by the organization that is changing lesbian and queer love worldwide. (Since 2014, we've served women in 25 countries and authored the #1 Amazon bestselling book on lesbian dating and love.)

-- Easily fill your private practice with clients whom you are uniquely well-qualified to serve.

-- Take advantage of the global shift to online coaching and teaching, and create a work life with complete schedule and location flexibility.

-- Share a journey of skill-building, healing and expansion with other lesbian and queer coaches, therapists and healers deeply committed to conscious relationships.

-- Receive optional additional support and mentorship in group facilitation and teaching.

Becoming a Conscious Girlfriend coach is an amazing way to meet the urgent needs of our community, while also using creating a fulfilling new career for yourself -- or just diving much deeper into understanding lesbian dating and love.

Learn more here: https://www.consciousgirlfriendacademy.com/certification, and/or join us next Thursday for our info session!

Or visit https://www.consciousgirlfriendacademy.com to learn more about Conscious Girlfriend Academy, the intelligent, compassionate learning community for lesbians and queer women who value conscious love -- and get our free e-book, Five Heartbreaking Mistakes Lesbians Make, And What To Do Instead.

Conscious Lesbian Dating Salon For Women Over 40

Network event

Online event

Conscious Girlfriend Academy, The Intelligent, Compassionate Learning Community for Lesbians Who Value Conscious Love, Presents: Conscious Lesbian Dating Salons for Women Over 40!

At last -- mindful dating events to get you beyond "swipe culture"
and into your open heart! If the lesbian or queer Buddha dated,
she'd enjoy our Conscious Dating Salons.

Note: This event costs $25 and you must register on our website: https://www.consciousgirlfriendacademy.com/januarysalons

Join us to:

💜 Meet growth-oriented single women over 40 in an introvert-safe, conscious, compassionate Zoomspace.

💜 Share brief but substantive conversations with at least 12 women, and then have a chance to discreetly indicate if you'd like to stay in touch.

💜 Hear from Ruth Schwartz, author of the #1 Amazon lesbian dating and love book, Conscious Lesbian Dating and Love, about the secrets of great lesbian dating and lasting long-term relationships.

💜 Socialize informally and send private messages, if you choose, after the formal program ends.

💜 Leave feeling more connected to other women and to yourself.

It's a whole new way to meet women to date -- or just to feel more connected to other growth-oriented single lesbians and queer women.

Who These Conscious Lesbian Dating Salons Are For

💜 We welcome all self-identified women who love women, or want to, and are open to the possibility of dating, flirting or friendship. AFAB non-binary folx comfortable in a women-centered environment are welcome, too.

💜 While we celebrate women of all ages, these Salons are for women over 40, with many participants in their 50s, 60s and beyond.

💜 Looking for comprehensive support finding the partner of your dreams? We've got that! Check out Find True Love Online. https://www.consciousgirlfriendacademy.com/findtrueloveonline

💜 Looking for warm-hearted community and world-class skill-building in conscious lesbian dating, love and sexuality? We've got that too! Check out Conscious Girlfriend Academy membership. https://www.consciousgirlfriendacademy.com/joinnow

Entry to this Conscious Dating Salon is $25, or free to Supporting Members of the Academy! Sign up here: https://www.consciousgirlfriendacademy.com/januarysalons

Or, save money and access a lot more learning and connection with like-minded women by >>Joining the Academy here: https://www.consciousgirlfriendacademy.com/joinnow

💜 Not sure you're ready to date? No problem. Showing up at this event is not a commitment, and no U-Hauls are allowed :) Our aim is to ensure that you'll leave feeling more connected, whether or not you find someone to date.

💜 Want more support for getting ready to date? Great! That's what the Conscious Girlfriend Academy is for. As a member, you'll get our groundbreaking 12-week course, The Roadmap To Conscious Lesbian Dating and Lasting Love, access to our archive of over 75 video classes on lesbian dating, love and sex, and weekly gatherings to learn more and build skills while connecting with like-minded women.

We offer many programs and classes in addition to these Conscious Lesbian Dating Salons, including Lesbian Bed Life, Attachment Healing Intensive, and classes on lesbian dating, communication, and yes, breakups too. If you're seeking a way to make your dating or relationship better, we're here to support you. Come on over to the website and get our free e-book, Five Heartbreaking Mistakes Lesbians Make, And What To Do Instead -- https://www.consciousgirlfriendacademy.com

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Conscious Lesbian Dating Salon For Women Over 40

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