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2020 begins the decade that changed everything.

From finance, to governments, consumerism, employing a team and being an employee.

There are metrics that indicate we are getting "better" as a society and there are metrics which say the opposite.

Even five years ago, you would rarely find the words meditation in the same keynote as profitability or business performance. Now everything from mindfulness and positive food choices to social impact and contributionism are finding their way into a breadth of conversations.

If we are to live in a world that serves everyone, then we must be able to not only envision this world, but have the tools and interpersonal skills to be able to deliver.

This is what Conscious Leadership revolves around.

The ability to support one an-others growth into HUMAN 5.0, the next iteration of what it means to thrive on this planet, beyond our information and data age, into an age of wisdom, co-creation and collaboration for the greatest good of all, in service to others.

Our events cover a wide range of themes and topics but all contain the same golden thread.
Mindfull conversations that stimulate awareness and nourish the soul.

• Sovereign Leader - Finding harmony between living and leading, you are the balance.

• HUMAN 5.0 - The renaissance of your SELF, cultivate Self energy and Reprogram your subconscious

• Conscious Dinner Club - Nourishing food, mindful conversations

• Sacred Living - Workshops to help bring your leadership closer to the earth

• Leaders Who Breathe - The more vital life force you hold, the greater you can exude, live, lead and love

• Conscious Relationship - How to create more meaningful connections with your team and loved ones

WHERE WILL THEY BE? We host our events across Manchester or online, depending on their purpose and length etc. Most events are held in three locations....

• Burnage, M19

• Trafford, M16

• Oxford Road, M1

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Soul Path Yoga

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Soul Path Yoga

This event has passed

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