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Slaying The Dragon: Overcoming the Ego and Ascending to Higher Realms

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As human Beings we are constantly vulnerable to attacks and mainly by a particular product of our own creation. This self-induced vicious creature of habit is known as the ego. Our egos manipulate and control our daily life experiences. We must realize that we are the Creators of these experiences. Our desires are created by our own egos. These desires are dreams that we call illusions; these illusions will trap us within the dreams as we start to believe that the dreams are real. We must leave these dreams and Wake Up and stop identifying Our Selves as personalities of these dreams. This is the slaying of the ego. Once we learn to let go of the ego, we stop the dream and Awaken Reality. This is called Enlightenment of higher self and Realization that we are truly beings of Light and Love. Join us as we venture into the possibilities of becoming enlightened beings free from the destructive grips of the ego. Lets slay the dragon together.