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Welcome to our group of conscious, authentic, mindful single people who are interested in socially connecting with others for friendship, growing conscious commmunity and creating authentic connections.

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Lion's Gate Cosmic Activation, Free MeWe Awakening Panel w/ Q&A

MeWe Awakening Panel: Lion's Gate Cosmic Activation - FREE to Attend & Listen, $15 to Ask a Question - https://zoom.us/j/845224889?pwd=QVh0a2hTV0MwZlVUUGFETTZYZTVCdz09 JoinMeWeOnline.com and click the button to join us in zoom) Every year around the 8th day of the 8th month (August 8th), there is a cosmic alignment called “The Lions Gateway.” At the Lions Gate there is increased cosmic energy flowing between the physical and spiritual realms. The Lions Gate, with ties to ancient Egypt, has been observed and honored as a time of a great energetic influx and activation for thousands of years. At this time, there is an alignment between the Earth and the star Sirius. As Sirius rises in the sky, Orion's Belt directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza, and from our perspective on Earth, it appears that Sirius (the brightest star we can see) comes closer to the Earth. The star Sirius, which represents abundance, harvest and fertility, is twice the size of our Sun and 26x brighter! It is a big source of spiritual light on the inner planes. This alignment is called the Lions Gate, or Lions Gateway, because it occurs when the sun is in the astrological sign of Leo (the Lion). As a Zodiac Sign, Leo is associated with the heart center and represents the individualized expression of the Divine. The Panel will share about the Lion's Gate, Then participants may ask the Panel anything, not only about the theme, and we'll partner with and empower you with insight and tools so you'll - maximally Activate during this Alignment - and make it through the blocks, twists and turns on your path. Enjoy receiving spot-on insights and guidance, usually from each of us. There are 2 ways to participate in our Online Awakening Panel: Watch, Listen, Learn & Grow (FREE) Ask Your Question & Receive Empowering Answers ($15) If you'd like to ask a question, please consider providing your Birth Date, Time & Place for our Astrologer! Everyone will hear all the questions and answers and have the opportunity to glean from all that is shared. The event will likely be recorded and posted online. The 7 Intuitives joining us in this event are: Galactic Ashley, Brandy Roberts, Cindy McGonagle, Val Szarek, Susy Goins, Cara James and Laureli Shimayo! Galactic Ashley Galactic Energy Activations & Star Family Readings https://galacticsovereigntyfoundation.org/product/galactic-light-energy-drawings/ [masked][masked] Brandy Roberts Psychic Readings of Mind, Body & Spirit [masked][masked] Cindy McGonagle Psychic Readings, Mediumship, Numerology, Telepathy, Oracle Cards & Shamanic Healing PsychicPalmistCindy.com CindyMcGonagle.com [masked][masked] Susy Goins Blue Lightning Healing Past Life Insights & Chatting with Spirit https://bluelightninghealing.com/ [masked][masked] Cara James Intuitive Astrology https://www.carajames.com/ [masked][masked] Please provide your Birth Date, Time & Place Val Szarek Energy & Shamanic Healing Sessions Performance Poetry, Music & Ceremony https://poetval.com/ [masked] Laureli Shimayo Intuitive Eye Readings, Body Psychology Coaching & Emotional Energy Healing https://www.laurelishimayo.com/ [masked][masked] What: MeWe Awakening Panel with Q&A When: Friday August 7, 6-8:30pm PT (7-9:30pm MT, 8-10:30pm CT, 9-11:30pm ET) Where: Online via Zoom at JoinMeWeOnline.com (click the button) or at Meeting ID:[masked]https://zoom.us/j/845224889?pwd=QVh0a2hTV0MwZlVUUGFETTZYZTVCdz09 Password:[masked] Text Laureli at[masked] if you have any trouble getting in the zoom room. How Much: FREE (Watch & Listen) or $15 (to Ask a Question) Optionally register on Eventbrite or at PayPal.me/LaureliShimayo ([masked]) This event is on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/812303772930575/

Free Online MeWe Metaphysical Fair for Body Mind Heart & Soul

Enjoy ~15 Readers, Healers, Coaches & Vendors at our ONLINE MeWe (& Pop Coaching) Metaphysical & Wellness, Body-Mind-Heart-Soul Sampler & Fair! Free Admission. Experience a sampling of different metaphysical, intuitive and alternative health practitioners sharing wisdom, guidance and more - very similar to a live event in person, but we meet online! We've evolved our flow. We'll meet in the Main Room for Practitioner & Vendor Introductions and then Answer 1-2 Questions from the Audience in an Intuitive Panel, with several Practitioners & Vendors answering each question. Then Practitioners & Vendors will go to their own Breakout Rooms for whatever they desire: Talks, Group Healings/Readings, Q&A about their work and sessions - all for FREE unless they clarify when you enter that something is By Donation for for a Fee. Guests will be able to move from Room to Room connecting with as many Practitioners & Vendors and listening to as many Talks, etc. as they like! When a Practitioner or Vendor is ready to give a Talk (some Talks will be listed below, and times will likely vary a bit from the proposed schedule), they'll check in with us in the Main Room and wherever you are in the Fair, you'll hear our announcement about it and be able to attend. Practitioners will all be scheduling Sessions for later dates AND doing Private Sessions in the moment at the Fair in Session Breakout Rooms too! Typically they all offer smaller size sessions at lower prices at the Fair. When someone wants a Session, the Client & Practitioner will come to the Main Room, request a Session Room, and poof, there they will be, for as long as they want and need it. See the list of Practitioners & Vendors and planned Talks below. We meet online at www.JoinTheFair.com. In our Online Sampler & Fair, there are three types of "rooms": * BIG/MAIN - we all meet together in the beginning, and you return their to move from room to room throughout * MEDIUM - Practitioner Breakout Rooms * SMALL - where you do private sessions with practitioners Every Fair includes a different set of practitioners offering a wide range of modalities. ***Please support us to continue having these events by purchasing sessions, classes and products with our Practitioners & Vendors. Most offer special Fair Sessions at lower prices and allow you to schedule them at a later time as well as doing them at the Fair. Free free to drop in at any time during the event and stay as long or as short as you'd like. When you arrive, it might be quiet in the Main Room, as most people are in Breakout Rooms (Medium and Small) throughout the Fair. Enjoy these Talks: Coming Soon! Experience these Practitioners: • Psychic Readings of Mind, Body & Spirit with Brandy Roberts • Medical Intuition (Animals/People) & Energy Healing with Carolyn Osburn • Animal Energy Healing & Communication Readings with Donna Sauer • Intuitive Readings & Energy Shifts with Gabi Schoening • Galactic Energy Activations & Star Family Readings with Galactic Ashley • Animal Guide Readings with Microbe Whisperer Cards with JeM Yinjoy, PhD • Intuitive Eye Readings & Body Psychology with Laureli Shimayo • tarot reader, Clairvoyant, Medium and pet psychic • Past Life Insights with Susy Goins of Blue Lightning Healing • Tarot Readings with Vinny Alascia • Psychic Mediumship Readings with Wendella Rhoads • Shamanic Sessions & Intuitive Readings with Wyatt Larsen Join the Fair online at JoinTheFair.com - simply click on the big button. You'll go to https://zoom.us/j/845224889?pwd=QVh0a2hTV0MwZlVUUGFETTZYZTVCdz09 (password[masked]) Please note that this event is not a therapeutic setting, and we are not here in the role of counselors. If you have needs that would best be served by a mental health professional, do not consider this event as a substitute for such care. This event is on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/196989014740899/

Matchmaking, Dating & Relationship Coaching w/Eye Readings

Online event


Come uncover patterns and learn new tools for dating and relating consciously to increase authenticity and connection. 2nd Tuesdays 2-4pm PST Drop in/out throughout. This event is posted in many places, so signups here don't indicate likely attendance. For those looking to date, Laureli will provide tips to decipher, heal, and prevent repeating patterns with exes and find soulmates through conscious dating. For those in relationship, Laureli will share tools to increase authenticity, presence and connection and optionally offer advice on stay/go decisions. Learn more about Laureli’s approach at http://www.thrivetypes.com/conscious-dating. On 2nd Tuesdays from 2-4pm, Laureli is offering all her dating/relationship coaching and matchmaking work, including her Intuitive Eye Readings & Body Psychology, in a drop-in group format. Arrive whenever you want and stay for as long or short as you desire. All relationship styles, genders, and sexual orientations welcome. Learn more about Laureli's approach at http://www.thrivetypes.com/conscious-dating. EVENT DETAILS - Drop-in Dating Coaching, Matchmaking & Relationship Coaching with Intuitive Eye Readings & Body Psychology - 2nd Tuesdays - August 11, 2-4pm PT - Event is ONLINE at https://zoom.us/j/6143346038, Password -[masked] (SEC Zoom Room) - Drop in and stay for as long or as short as you like. Receive answers to your questions and hear Laureli work with everyone else as well. - Cost: Sliding Scale $10-30 (these funds go to support Laureli and the SEC group. Please reach out to Laureli by text[masked] if $10 is too much. Please pay ahead or right when you enter the zoom room (comment that its with Laureli and the date) at: Venmo - @Melissa-SEC Paypal - [masked] (via friends & family) Website - www.sacred-embodiment.org/donate We are a No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds Community. We value all people irrespective of financial means and welcome participation in our events. Laureli is also available separately for (pandemic-discounted) private sessions at $1-2/minute. Choose a time to meet by video at ScheduleLaureli.com. This event is on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/615366789383320/ WHO IS FACILITATING? Laureli Shimayo (she/they, LGBTQ) has been doing Life, Leadership & Love Coaching professionally for 10+ years, Intuitive Arts for 6+ years, and leading Authentic Relating events for 6 years with Authentic Portland and Authentic Seattle. Learn more about Laureli and her work at www.LaureliShimayo.com. Reach out at[masked] (text is best) and [masked]. ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS: - Please note that Laureli's events are not a therapeutic setting, and she is not here in the role of a counselor. If you have needs that would best be served by a mental health professional, do not consider the Circling practice as a substitute for such care. - Laureli's events can facilitate people making deep connections. Please be polite and practice consent if you reach out to someone to connect socially after an event. - If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. SEC is volunteer run and donates a portion of all proceeds to Real Rent Duwamish. Sacred Embodiment Community is committed to connection and community-supported transformation through embodied spiritual practices including tantra, meditation, authentic relating, and experiential workshops. Find out more about our mission, values, financial transparency, and how you can get involved on our website: www.sacred-embodiment.org Get the weekly event schedule sent straight to your inbox every Sunday: https://sacred-embodiment.us20.list-manage.com/subscribe/post?u=76822d849bfe7282b064ae69e&id=16af3a3ad5

Psychic Spectrum: Map Your Soul w/Intuitive Eye Readings, Talk, Audience Samples

Laureli Shimayo will be the guest on Psychic Spectrum: sign up to hear her talk and get a sample reading and answers to your questions at: https://psychicspectrum.com/speakers-bureau Friday September 4, 7-8:30pm PT Online on Zoom, $10 Get tickets at: https://psychicspectrum.com/speakers-bureau Eyes Are the Window to Your Soul & Your Soulmates Map Your Soul with Intuitive Eye Readings The light that shines through our eyes reveals our life or soul purpose - our greatest strengths, deepest capacities and a big answer to why we are here. When we live our purpose, we contribute greatly to others plus experience more ease, joy and deep fulfillment. We all have lessons to navigate and grow through to express the best of who we are and can be. Laureli Shimayo reads a person’s soul with a set of archetypes called ThriveTypes® that describe our natural talents, rhythm, way of communicating, how we make decisions, and what motivates us plus how we learned to protect ourselves in the first two years of our life (defense) and our world view and other growth lessons. Laureli then uses these ThriveTypes to point towards and clarify a person’s purpose and answer questions about career path, life lessons, family members, kids, relationships, matchmaking, hiring, spiritual growth, and much more. Laureli will describe the ThriveTypes along with some of their lessons with tips for how she reads them in people’s eyes, and then she’ll answer questions from the audience. If she can see you on video, she will respond based on what she sees in your eyes, and you’ll also be able to show or submit photos so she can speak about others in your life as well. Laureli Shimayo is a people scientist and an intuitive artist. She has certifications and training in biology, somatic psychotherapy, personality archetypes, body intelligence, intuition, relationship coaching, and leadership coaching. While Laureli is spacious and spiritual, she is also strategic and practical. She applies her work to identifying life purpose and career paths, writing resumes and hiring great employees, romantic matchmaking and conscious online dating. She also runs large metaphysical & wellness fairs that are attended by extremely fulfilled people. Laureli is a co-author of the book The Sweet Spot: Leveraging Your Talents in Leadership & Life and author of Eyes Are the Window to Your Soulmate, a Conscious Online Dating Guide. She also runs the MeWe Metaphysical & Wellness Fairs for Energizing Body Mind Heart & Soul. Learn more about Laureli and her offerings at www.LaureliShimayo.com. Friday September 4, 7-8:30pm PT Online on Zoom, $10 Get tickets at: https://psychicspectrum.com/speakers-bureau

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