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Qigong/Native American Shaman Drumming meditation

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Join Daniel Pomeroy on Monday Nights

for Qigong Energy Practice.

Donations are accepted.

Qigong = Energy Practice

The Conscious Cultivation of Subtle Energy Awareness

Qi- the Animating Life Force that Permeates the Universe

Qigong strengthens the entire body by nurturing the natural flow of Qi energy throughout the subtle energy meridians. By tonifying the internal organs, it soothes the central nervous system and directs energy.

This directed flow of energy has the effect of gently loosening energetic blockages (stagnant Qi) thus allowing the body’s innate wisdom to begin healing itself. Through regular practice we reconnect to the energies of nature and start to go with the flow instead of struggling against it.

Qigong is a unique exercise workout developing strength, suppleness, energy, balance and clarity. The long deep breathing used in Qigong rises and falls with the rhythmic regularity of ocean waves.

With practice, the mind becomes calm and unruffled like a pristine mountain lake on a windless day reflecting the serenity and majesty of the mountains and skies above.

Qigong provides a simple and efficient way to rebalance and recharge the entire human energy system on a daily basis. By slowly removing stagnant Qi, Qigong activates the body’s own healing response by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system and calming the automatic stress response so prevalent in our modern day world. Qigong empowers the individual to tap into their own inner resources for health, healing & equilibrium.

Please make sure to bring your own yoga mat and meditation pillow.