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Welcome to Consciousness Hacking Paris Chapter!
Consciousness Hacking is a global community exploring technology as a catalyst for psychological, emotional and spiritual flourishing. "Consciousness hackers" had its genesis in San Francisco in 2013.

Our meetups will feature insightful talks and support for new ideas and concepts from cool EEG and meditation apps to pschedelics, shamanism, explore concepts of FLOW, quantified-self and other "technologies" that supports our collective growth.

Consciousness Hacking serves as a hub for knowledge, ideas and talent. By cross-pollinating the technology and consciousness communities, we explore ways to produce a positive change in well-being. We facilitate connection between interested groups and individuals, provide space for sharing ideas and projects, while offering visibility and support within the community.

You do not need a technology background, we do not advocate any particular spiritual or religious beliefs or practices, though our community and organizers tend to dabble in a variety of meditative and spiritual traditions.The ultimate purpose of our group is to support individuals who are actively exploring, building and disseminating new "tools" for the evolution of individual and collective consciousness.

If you want to discover your potential, if you are into meditation, biohacking, interested in neuroscience, neurobiology or just curious, you are welcome!

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