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Free Seminar on Out-of-Body Experiences and Consciousness Studies

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A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center

153 West 27th Street · New York

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Suite #702 (28th St Subway Stop Red line 1 & 2 and 5 Green Line) Between 6th & 7th Ave's.

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Interested in out-of-body experiences and psychic experiences? You're welcome to join us at one of our free public seminars!

Have you ever had a vivid flying dream? How about the sensation of floating while falling asleep or meditating? How about the perception of “dropping” back into your body just before waking up? If so it may be possible that you have experienced what is called an out-of-body experience. It has sometimes been known in various spiritual traditions and schools of thought in history, as “astral projection” or “soul travel”.

Despite being considered by many to be a strange or obscure topic, the experience has been reported for thousands of years by people all over the world, often mixed up with dreams. Throughout history people have reported “otherworldly” journeys and spiritual experiences into other dimensions in a variety of settings - during spiritual practices (i.e meditation, prayer, etc), near-death, during sleep or spontaneously during the day. What is interesting is that unbeknownst to most of the public, is that the out-of-body experience is a powerful tool for self-transformation, self-discovery and wellness and can be willfully induced, developed, controlled and utilized to greatly benefit yourself and others. The experience is much like the altered states of consciousness that shamans and medicine men in history used to connect with the psychic world, obtain knowledge, heal others, etc.

This short seminar is offered freely to the public and will provide you with cutting edge information on out-of-body experiences (i.e. astral projection, soul travel, etc), subtle energy, non-physical dimensions and related topics. Cutting through misconceptions and misinformation about the topic, you will learn about the latest research on these experiences, including their benefits (see below) and – unbeknownst to most of us – how they already affect our daily life yet have huge implications about who you are and your life purpose.

Some of the benefits of the out-of-body experience are:

• Understanding non-physical dimensions or realities
• Direct contact with spirit guides
• Development of psychic abilities
• Losing the fear of death
• Getting information about your life purpose
• Using OBEs as a tool to assist or heal others
• Psychic awareness and protection
• Development of universalism and fraternity

In addition to these benefits, these additional fascinating topics will be discussed at the lecture:

• Our multidimensional nature
• How the OBE experience (i.e astral projection, etc) works
• How an OBE is experienced first hand
• Astral projection tips, benefits & utilities
• How to use the OBE to discover our life purpose
• Psychic abilities related to the OBE
• Our multiple subtle bodies and their function
• What current research tells us about the OBE
• Overview of easy out-of-body experience techniques
• Non physical dimensions
• What happens psychically at night
• Information about IAC’s OBE and psychic training programs
• Answers to questions you have about these topics or your experiences

Is this lecture right for you?

This lecture is packed with fascinating information and is interesting to both those new to the topic, or those already quite knowledgeable about it. Whether you’re just curious about the topic, want to ask about an experience you had, or what to go deeper, this lecture is for you. It is well suited for anyone planning on further study but still looking for a rational, integrated overview of these frequently misunderstood topics.

If you are interested in IAC’s other programs, note that this free lecture is an ideal (although optional) starting point for people interested in taking IAC’s other courses. It allows would-be students to make a personal connection with our instructors and team, obtaining confidence in our knowledge, approach, and framework. This lecture also introduces our organization, and gives an overview of our curriculum, programs, and publications. Hence it is a great opportunity to ask an instructor about IAC's main OBE training course, the award-winning Consciousness Development Program (CDP), which we offer regularly in New York.

Who teaches this free lecture?

It is taught by one of IAC’s senior faculty members, depending on who’s available. IAC’s faculty members have years of experience and training in spirituality and consciousness studies, including out-of-body experiences and psychic phenomena. IAC is an educational and research centered organization in the area of consciousness studies, human potential and psychic development, and has offices in over 12 countries worldwide.

How do I attend?

Confirm via meetup that you're attending or email us to register at newyork (-at-)