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This group is for Conservative Patriots and Nationalists who love America, the historic American nation, and the pioneering spirit that made America great.

What is a conservative?

It's true that conservatives tend to value tradition. In the United States and to a degree elsewhere in the West, conservatives tend to be champions of limited government and fiscal restraint, along with free markets.

However, there is a deeper understanding of conservatism, and it boils down to two key principles:

1). Realism: Conservatives try to see the world for what it is and human beings for what we are.

2). Seeking excellence: Conservatives tend to admire accomplishment, both individual and collective.

The conservative looks to the past as a guide, as a record of the stories of the men and women who have come before. Different ages of history are defined by different struggles, but all illuminate human nature. The past is there to teach us if we are willing to learn.

The conservative tries to see things as they actually are. This is part of a mature, adult outlook: an understanding of costs and consequences, trade-offs and limited resources.

The conservative seeks excellence, both personally and in the company he or she keeps. If we expect great deeds from ourselves, we are more likely to rise to the occasion.

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