• May Meeting of 'Thinkers and Tryers' on the Journey to SMC

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    This meeting is for women who are considering or are in the process of trying to become 'single mothers by choice' We meet occasionally to discuss where we are at in our 'journey' to becoming a SMC, and to support each other in the process Hosted by Roberta - who is the SMC of 9 year old son Jesse, born when she was age 45 Please e mail Roberta at [masked] if you plan to attend Note - this meeting is for thinkers and tryers only, not current single mothers by choice *The purpose of this group is a supportive gathering for women in the process of becoming SMCs*

  • The Journey To Become a Single Mother By Choice - My Story

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    One Women's Journey To Become A Single Mother By Choice I always dreamed of being a mom, but when I found myself in my early 40's and still single, I had to make a choice - forgo motherhood or 'go it alone' When I made my decision to become a single mother by choice, little did I know that choice would be the 1st step in a journey like no other - one that took years and that would change my life forever Please join me this evening as I share my story, my journey through the long and sometimes 'rocky' road of fertility treatments, IVF, 'late in life' pregnancy and becoming a 'single mother by choice' at the age of 45 My am now the happy mother of a 9 year old son I know that many women out there are considering or trying the same thing - single motherhood by choice - and I know that there are so many questions and unknowns because I have been there too. I want to share my story to offer insight, hope, help and support in any way I can, because I know the road can be exciting but also very difficult and very lonely sometimes *Early Bird Payment for this evening is $10.00 via e transfer: [masked] or paypal $15.00 At The Door When you RSVP by e mailing me, I will send you the address