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The goal of this group is to have local regular meets to play video games, to meet new people, share the exciting gameplay/stories with people, quiz each other and most of all have fun. you can bring your own multiplayer games if you want. Our meetings will vary by week. Everyone is welcomed to join this group, THERE IS NO CHARGE TO ATTEND OUR MEETUPS. Individuals handle their own expenses, when we go out to dinner, or to an event or convention (entry charges, movie tickets, parking, etc). All members are bound by group rules while attending our events. You can find the rules at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PS-UUkk... (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PS-UUkkFQ1JDaMp7pCTSGMu2Rqm58X7srdCzhN0Y-xA/edit?usp=sharing) . We hope you all find this meetup group to be very rewarding and fun! Hope to see you!

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That Smash Reveal Though.

Online event

Self-explanatory. The last new character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, has been released. For the last time for Ultimate... let's try out the new character online and SETTLE IT IN SMASH!!!

Retro/Modern Video Gaming Meetup

Kenneth's Place

Here we go again!

Since CDC guidelines now allow for fully vaccinated people to congregate, that will be the requirement for attendance.
Please bring your vaccination card. This will be your ticket into the event. Also, with the current developments with the Delta Variant, I have decided to cap total number of participants, and reinstate masks only, except when eating. Our setup, as it's currently configured, should allow for even better social distancing than we had before, with the secondary gaming area in a completely different room.

Dinner will be either order in, or carry out, brought back to the house.

Regular details follow: We've got a decently sized collection of systems ranging from the old 8-16 bit days, on through to all the current systems, including the PS5, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Ouya, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, PC, Nvidia Shield TV, and even an Amiga 1200, as well as a decent number of controllers. Please bring any Wii U pro, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or PS4 controllers you have though, as we could use those, and any games that people might bring would also be welcome. We have a second and third screen with classic consoles and a spare PS4, and have some streaming from our PC, thanks to our Steam Link. We also have an arcade cab in the basement, filled to the brim with games! It's also got HDMI inputs. If you have a system you would like to bring along, please do so! Here's hoping to see you all here!!!

1JennyFan's General Gaming Meetup: HALLOWEENIES!!!

3901 Golf Tee Ct

Date will either be the 30th or 31st, TBH!

It's the most haunting time of the year! Time for costumes, candy, and of course spooky games! Anyone in costume/cosplay can take photos on the loft during our normal dinner time; if I know your character ahead of time I might be able to find fitting backgrounds to hopefully put on the projector, otherwise we can just use the railing. :)

If you're interested in any online hybrid options (such as Jackbox), no need to RSVP, just tell me in advance so we can organize something on Discord. Also please let me know if you need an updated Discord link. Please note that attendees that are in person come at their own risk. A couple of COVID-19 precautions:
1. You are REQUIRED be fully vaccinated to attend. No exceptions. Please preferably share your card in the #vaccine channel on our Discord, or if you're not comfortable doing so you can physically bring your card.
2. Please attempt to socially distance by at least 3 feet while playing (no more than 4 - 6 people in the main room, 2 - 4 in the guest room, and 6 - 8 upstairs).
3. Bring your own controllers if at all possible, and use the wipes and sanitizer available while sharing equipment. If you plan to bring snacks or drink, please bring individual portions (no big platters or the like).

In terms of setup, I have a TV for videos and general gaming, a monitor in a different room for smaller games, let's plays, and streaming, and a projector in the loft for movies and larger games requiring more space like Dance Dance Revolution, Just Dance, and Guitar Hero/Rock Band. For consoles I have PlayStations 2 through 4 plus a PS TV, Nintendo 64, Wii, Wii U, Switch, and PC. I often move my consoles around (either for let's play or streaming purposes or to bring them other places), so if you can't find what you're looking for just ask. I don't own any XBox consoles but you're welcome to bring yours if you'd like! Extra consoles, controllers, games, and screens are always welcome; just let me know in advance if you're able so we can plan for it. :) My game & console/controller list is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11LvIAgla39HtYpx9PLf6AaVj7DI3i7ypox8qSj23SCo/edit?usp=drivesdk

We have lots of open street parking within the Penderbrook community (I'm right in the middle so either side is cool; parking on Center Way or the middle of Penderbrook Drive is best) but please don't park on a yellow curb or you might be towed! If you don't mind paying, decal parking closer to my house is also available; message me for more info. You'll want to turn onto Golf RIDGE Court, and then onto Golf TEE Court where I'm the first house on the left. I'm condo #302. When you enter walk all the way up and to the right; look for the Super Mario Bros. doormat. I'm about 10 - 25 driving minutes from the Vienna/Fairfax metro station depending on traffic.

We usually go out for dinner at around 5 PM, so if you need to arrive later than that I highly suggest to come over after 7 PM or so. Because of COVID-19 we will most likely be dining at a restaurant with outdoor seating available, but if weather doesn't make that possible we can also carry out to my place. For the time being we should try and pick the same area if at all possible to have less distance traveled/contact with others. I made lists with local restaurants by location and food type here:

Please follow the group's rules & guidelines below:
I also have a few more guidelines, but they're pretty easy to follow:
1. Gaming controllers, consoles, and the like are equipment, not toys. Please be responsible with other people's equipment, games, furniture, etc. Accidents happen, but if you continuously break things you will eventually need to reimburse and/or bring your own setup(s) to play with.
2. Try and keep a positive atmosphere. A lot of people attend the group to escape from their daily lives. Don't feel like you need to leave your problems at the door, everyone needs to vent once in a while, but please attempt to not do so the whole meetup. We're here to have fun after all, so try and keep it that way! <3

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jackbox roll out saturday

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