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We are neither a political party, nor a religion; not a special interest group, and not a discussion club.

We are simply, and awesomely, the ConVo. Drawing people from all over every spectrum that exists, including every conceivable viewpoint (and some inconceivable ones), we are united by a set of shared values. These values--free thought, radical honesty, and common sense--mean that we believe in open, honest, sensical discussion. A *lot* of it.

And we won't be talking about the weather! On the contrary, we believe that earnest discussion of the most important and controversial issues of our day (and the eternal questions, too--but that's less topical) is a) good for us, and b) good for the world. Frequently, and to our detriment, humans are all-too-ready to defer to the "experts," who very often are just regular people with big vocabularies, egos, and incomes.

At all the discussions, debates, and dialectics going on under the auspices of the ConVo, nobody ever "wins" anything. That's hardly the point. Rather, we see the discussion as valuable in itself; each person who engages in good faith comes away with a more nuanced, sophisticated understanding of their own worldview, and that is valuable enough in itself.


But be warned, ye who dare tread these hallowed meetups: we cater to the spiritual weirdo *and* the scientific hardhead, the politically-correct snob *and* the angry troll, the softie soy-boy *and* the warrior princess. No matter who you are, your ideas will be challenged--without mercy.


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