• Project 1: Group Introduction Video Planning Session

    Broward County Main Library

    Our first meeting! We'll be introducing ourselves, discussing what this group is / can be, and brainstorming ideas for Project 1: Group Introduction Video. This will be a group project. We'll collaborate to make a single video that explains what the South Florida Content Creator Collective group is all about. We'll figure out what that entails at the meeting. The hope is that it will encourage more content creators to join us and participate in future projects. Are you good at shooting video? Narrating? Composing music? Editing? Animating? Whatever skills you can bring to the table will be helpful. The video we produce will be posted on meetup.com, YouTube, and various social media platforms. We'll discuss those details at the meeting. We'll mostly be brainstorming, so be sure to bring a pen and paper. You can bring your cameras, but we are not allowed to take pictures or film in the library outside of the meeting room. Note: This is a new group with few members so far. Don't be discouraged if there aren't many RSVPs. We only really need 3-5 people to get this thing going. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or DM me.