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Waking Up in Seattle: *you're* the one that they want

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Waking Up in Seattle: *you're* the one that they want


The talk: "Well, it was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together... and I knew it." So share Tom Hanks, as Sam in Sleepless in Seattle. He's pining for old love--but he might as well be pining for a content strategist! Content strategy offers the "million tiny little things" that add up to a more cohesive, consistent user experience--and that's valuable to designers, IAs, social media strategists, project managers, and other web strategy types. Whether your team needs to better understand your client's needs, articulate an approach, or align tactical decisions with a brand-driven, user-centered message architecture, content strategy can help. We'll discuss how the questions a content strategist brings to the table can enrich your deliverables and ways to reframe an RFP to upsell content strategy in your next pitch and bring a new partner into the user experience team. Because yeah, you're supposed to be together.

The speaker: Margot Bloomstein (@mbloomstein ( is the principal of Appropriate, Inc. (, an independent brand and content strategy consultancy based in Boston. Independently and in partnership with leading agencies, she creates brand-appropriate user experiences to help organizations engage their target audiences and project key messages with consistency and clarity. With clients including Philips, Tretorn, Harvard, Tufts, Timberland, ECCO Shoes, Fidelity, NBC, and Sapient, she addresses messaging for both traditional and social media.

A participant in the inaugural Content Strategy Consortium (, Margot speaks regularly on the evolution of content strategy within interactive agencies; recent engagements include SXSW, Web Content 2010, A List Apart, and more intimate regional events across the country. She holds a BFA in Communication Design from Carnegie Mellon University.

The schedule:
7:00: doors open
7:30: Margot speaks
8:30: post-talk mingling

The housekeeping: As with September's Ask the Content Strategist, we'll collect your entry fee at the door. Why the fee? We're footing Margot's travel. For November we'll definitely do a free event. Pinky swear.
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