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Drinks and food are provided by codecentric.


17:30 - 18:30 Walk-in
18:00 Food & drinks
18:30 Beginning with
19:30 Break
20:00 CI/CD pipeline for multi-container cloud applications
21:30 Wrapping up


Hylke Stapersma and Miel Donkers - codecentric - Beginning with

In a world where rebuilding your software development process from scratch is just as important as rebuilding your software, there is the need for a tool that can facilitate automation of the Continuous Delivery pipeline. The new kid on the block can take care of that. This presentation will help to get a better understanding on the basic principles of, give a better understanding what the difference is between and Jenkins and implementation tips and tricks will be shared.
The first part of the presentation will consist of sharing the basic concepts of and how they relate to each other; tasks, jobs and resources, which form the main building blocks.Jenkins is another popular CI/CD tool, but the concepts of and Jenkins differ. In the second part of the presentation a comparison of the basic concepts of both tools will be given. This can help to select the right tool for the problem at hand.During the demo part of the presentation the basic concepts will be shown and an simple continuous delivery pipeline will be build.

Hylke Stapersma is a software craftsman who is working as a consultant for codecentric and he is a contributor and maintainer of a small number of open-source projects. He is passionate about sharing ideas and knowledge on everything related to software development and delivery.

Miel Donkers is a software craftsman at codecentric Netherlands. He's an experienced web- and Java developer, who's also interested in ways for bringing software into production as fast and as reliable as possible. This not only includes the deployment process, but also monitoring, problem mitigation and simply building 'the right thing'.

Alessandro Vozza - Microsoft - CI/CD pipeline for multi-container cloud applications

The demo will guide you thru a complete end-to-end, code-centric pipeline to deliver value as features to a multiple-container, polyglot application deployed in the Azure cloud. We’ll go under the hood of container orchestration framework (Docker Swarm) to learn how to make the underlying infrastructure transparent and focus on the delivered value for your customers.

Bio: Alessandro is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, and he can cultivate there his passions for DevOps, Cloud, and more. He’s been active in local communities for many years, and he’s always keen to share a beer with anyone with an interesting story to tell.

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• 2 hours of free parking at the office, and after 2 hours it is paid