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15 Years of Continuous Integration and Delivery - A Brief History

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Paul Julius (PJ) and Mike Roberts have been around a bit. Sure, neither of them has a walker yet, but they have some stories to tell. These stories are about Continuous Integration (CI), which was the Continuous Delivery of 10 years ago, and is still a core practice within CD.

PJ has been a project lead of CruiseControl, the original open source CI server, since its inception in 2001 and is the founder of CITCON - a conference devoted to the the practice of CI and automated testing. Mike was a project lead of CruiseControl.NET (, the slightly more Pacific North-Western sibling of CruiseControl, from 2003 to 2007. But CI started before then in the late 90s as an idea that at the time was such a revolution that most people deemed it absurd. In fact a lot of people still do. No, really, we’re talking to you, all of you branch-based-developers.

CI is the rubber-hitting-the-road of close collaboration between teams of developers. CI Servers, such as Team City and Jenkins, which the CruiseControl projects laid the ground work for, grease the wheels of CI, but do not by themselves provide a magic bullet. That is a fact that hasn’t changed over the years. What has changed is that we don’t have to hand-code XML config files for our CI servers any more, which is a blessed relief.

But what else has changed? And what should have changed but hasn’t? And why are both PJ and Mike excited about the evolution of CI to CD, and beyond? Come along and hear all. We’ll even try hard not to tell you get off our lawns.

& networking at 6:30, talks at 7.



Mike Roberts has spent 15 years in the software development industry, and a fair few more before that spending time programming in strange computer languages when he really should have been socializing. His first program moved a robot turtle around the floor - he still remembers it fondly. Mike spent 4 years at ThoughtWorks in the early 2000s where he was part of the blossoming agile software movement, running open source projects (including CruiseControl.NET ( and speaking at conferences. Since moving to the US in 2006, Mike has spent time in various technical and management roles at the New York Stock Exchange, DRW Trading, and most recently as VP, Engineering at Intent Media where he manages the 50 person (and growing!) technology team.



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