HTTP/2 and the Future of Web Performance

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The Future of Web Performance with Robin Gustafsson, CTO of Load Impact

In this talk, Robin will outline the evolution of performance testing since the widespread adoption of DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Agile Development strategies. Then he’ll take a look into where the space is headed.

HTTP/2 vs. HTTP/1.1: A Performance Analysis by Ragnar Lonn, founder of Load Impact

HTTP/2 is about to happen – most major browser and server makers are working on support for HTTP/2 and some, like Firefox, already have it enabled by default. The protocol is backwards-compatible with HTTP/1.1 and is likely to suddenly become ubiquitous when new versions of clients and servers switch it on. But the web development community is still largely ignorant about HTTP/2 and what it means for their applications.

This talk will outline the results of a new study by Ragnar Lonn, founder of Load Impact, where we attempt to measure the performance impact different types of applications would typically face if they switch their data transport from HTTP/1.1 to HTTP/2.

As an extra treat, Ragnar will also release the software created as part of the study — a free online tool for developers to find out what happens performance-wise if their site or application is delivered over HTTP/2 instead of HTTP/1.1.



Load Impact CTO Robin Gustafsson is a system architecture expert who’s been working with the company since it was founded in 2009. Robin specializes in performance testing, software architecture, cloud and distributed computing, and Continuous Delivery in software development.

Ragnar Lonn is founder and CEO of Load Impact, the world’s most popular online load testing service for testing the performance of websites. Load Impact users have executed over 300,000 load tests since 2009. Previously Ragnar worked in the ISP industry, and founded one of Sweden’s first internet service providers (Algonet, 1994). His more unexpected interests include running, macroeconomics, and energy storage technologies.



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