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What we’re about

• Lyrical tunes played over a steady rhythm and a driving beat that keep you on your toes, all night long.

• Dancing in long lines with your partner and your neighbors while moving up and down the line so you dance with everyone in the hall.

• A tradition of changing partners with each dance and a culture where dancing with strangers doesn't feel weird.

• A caller who teaches each dance before it begins and continues to call as long as needed.

• A room full of people who mostly know what they're doing, so if you don't, they'll help you out.

• An entrancing synergy among dancers, musicians, and caller.

• Snacks at the break.

• More dancing after the break .

• A hundreds-year-old New England tradition held in an old New England, white clapboard church across from the Green.

• Listen to us play Lady Ann Montgomery: