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Roaring Jelly contra dance moved to Carlisle, December only.
CONTRA DANCING is an old New England tradition. It is lively, easy to learn and fun. You don't need to come with a partner or have previous experience. ROARING JELLY has been hosting contra dances since 1970. We play traditional and modern tunes from the U.S., Ireland, the UK, and Canada. OTHER STUFF: $8, teens $5, kids free. Beginners, singles welcome. A newcomers session is held at 7:45. Wear casual, light weight clothing. Bring soft soled, clean shoes to change into, if you can. Avoid strong scents to accommodate those with sensitivities.

First Religious Society

27 School Street · Carlisle, MA

What we're about

• Lyrical tunes played over a steady rhythm and a driving beat that keep you on your toes, all night long.

• Dancing in long lines with your partner and your neighbors while moving up and down the line so you dance with everyone in the hall.

• A tradition of changing partners with each dance and a culture where dancing with strangers doesn't feel weird.

• A caller who teaches each dance before it begins and continues to call as long as needed.

• A room full of people who mostly know what they're doing, so if you don't, they'll help you out.

• An entrancing synergy among dancers, musicians, and caller.

• Snacks at the break.

• More dancing after the break .

• A hundreds-year-old New England tradition held in an old New England, white clapboard church across from the Green.

• Listen to us play Lady Ann Montgomery:

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