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What we're about

We welcome you to explore the dynamics of conversations, from personal to professional, from pleasure to pain and how to manage the 26 letters we call the English alphabet.

Conversations to conversions will change your life, build confidence where conversations may be limiting, and help you to express your words...from the most conflicting conversations to the most inspiring.

Welcome to your shift in conversations to converting what you really want to say...

together we will cover the umbrella of:


-parenting, co-parenting

-relationships and partnerships

-self talk


-social networking, professional networking

-dealing with contractors & home renovations

-conversations with lawyers, doctors, professionals


We are 3 organizers with multi-disciplinary backgrounds from the health industry, divorce support coaching, real estate, holistic therapies and business professionals:

Greg Houghton

Andrea Lavigne

Cherie Griffiths

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