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Conversations for Advocacy with Natalie: Women Rising

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This is a conversation with Natalie Millman about issues of gender equality in contemporary society.

On first glance, it's easy to assume that sexism and gender discrimination are no longer problems in the United States. People like Hilary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, and Sonia Sotomayor spring to mind as examples of women entering competitive male-dominated spheres, and thriving. However, there is an invisible undercurrent of sexism and gender discrimination that exists in the world, and it pervasive. Our success in combating sexism and gender discrimination is clearly uneven, and many people still hold attitudes that disempower women.

*Note: These questions are also largely applicable to gender-queer, trans, and all other non-cisgendered people, but the focus of this particular conversation is on women. Natalie plans to have future conversations that focus more specifically on LGBTQ issues!

Questions of the Session

In what ways are women subject to sexism and gender discrimination on micro, mezzo, macro levels of society?

Why is it worth combatting sexism and gender discrimination?

Are there any striking examples of sexism or gender discrimination that you have witnessed? That you have experienced as a victim? That you have been party to?

Why are there people who still hold sexist / gender discriminatory attitudes?

What are the consequences of sexism and gender discrimination on micro, mezzo, and macro levels in our spheres?

What can we do as laypeople and professionals to work against sexism and gender discrimination?


NOTE: Because of the time limit, this conversation is not intended to be a group therapy session to talk about personal traumatic experiences of gender discrimination/sexism, nor is it intended to be a place to talk about specific cases of horrific abuse that we have encountered professionally. While these experiences are close to our hearts and motivate us to care deeply about this kind of work, the focus of this conversation is on discussing strategies to work against these forces and advocate for change on a multi-systems level.


The cost is free!

The location is the David Rubenstein Atrium. Address: 61 West 62nd Street New York, NY 10023.

Please RSVP if you are interested in this event and can make it!