Are You Too Self-Critical?....or Over-Confident? Do women and men differ?


A Socratic Conversation hosted by Ron Gross, founder of Conversations New York.

Please join us to share your experiences, reflections, and insights.

* Do women tend to be more self-critical of themselves, and do men tend to be too self-flattering?

* A generation after the feminist revolution, are women still, on average, less confident than men? Are there differences in the assertiveness of women in classroom situations, and in work and family roles?

* In our professional lives, is there a confidence gap between men and women?

* Is self-criticism undervalued in our culture, in favor of assertiveness?

* Which causes more problems -- in personal life, professional life, and political life -- overconfidence or underconfidence?

* How can we best meld self-criticism and self-promotion?

These important questions were posed recently by David Brooks, author of The Social Animal and a regular Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times, who invited his readers (and us) to respond. We WILL -- and we'll look at some of the most interesting responses he's already received.

There will be a display of relevant books, and light refreshments available.