Socratic Conversation with Ron Gross - How important is SINCERITY?

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How important is SINCERITY?

Socratic Conversation with Ron Gross
Gottesman Library, Teachers College, Columbia University
525 West 120th St. -- 2nd floor
(bet. Broadway and Amsterdam Ave. North side of 120th Street.)
(#1 train to 116th St.)
Please bring a photo ID required for entry to the building.
Thursday, July 25, 3:45 – 5:15 pm

Followed by CNY Steering Committee at 5:30

Are YOU Sincere? With Whom? When? How? Why?
What Does It Mean? How Can You Tell?
What Role Should Sincerity Play in…
Professional Life?

Why Is It Valuable? Or Is It Overrated?

There will be a display of relevant books.
Light refreshments will be available.
Coffee and other beverages available downstairs as you enter the building.

OPTIONAL SUGGESTED READING: Sincerity: How a Moral Ideal Born 500
Years Ago Inspired Religious Wars, Modern Art, Hipster Chic, and the
Curious Notion That We All Have Something to Say (No Matter How Dull),
by R. Jay Magill Jr.; Sincerity and Authenticity, by Lionel Trilling.