Truth, Integrity, and Happiness - TEDTalk Discussion & Workshop! (Wed. 7/10)

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WeWork 115 Broadway

115 Broadway · New York, ny

How to find us

5TH Floor. Please mention your full name to building security downstairs and bring GOVERNMENT-ISSUED photo ID to check-in at the Community Bar upon arrival. Building entrance is on the corner of Broadway and Cedar St., adjacent to Zuccotti Park.

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Wednesday, July 10th from 6-8:15pm!

Christine Carter's "The Power of Truth Telling" -

A Pragmatic Workshop of TRUTH - a Multi-Meetup Professional & Personal Development Workshop

“The truth shall set you free.” We each relate to truth differently. Some relate to truth primarily as a spectrum; others as black and white. Some believe there is no one truth; others believe it’s all true, and each to his or her own. We defend it, we distort it, we hold and share it, etc.

What immediate associations do you make with the word “Truth?” What about "Integrity?" What are the relationships between speaking & living your truth, living integrally, and happiness? What does pretending and lying (e.g. all white lies) do to you/for you in the short and long terms?

This Wednesday, we will explore these questions in addition to: sharing research on these links, communally viewing and discussing Christine Carter's TEDTalk, breaking out into circles to workshop 2-3 of the following questions (your group will decide which ones), followed by each circle presenting the gems from their discussions in a large harvest format to close. Buffet dinner social directly after our event!

As some of these questions are extra personal, if you'd feel more comfortable, you may opt to use others in your life to share your perspective:

- What does living outside of integrity do to you, and/or others you know closely? How does this experience contrast to living and speaking your truth?
- Do you mostly relate to truth as an absolute, a relative, both? When do you find yourself owning up to what's true for you? When do you shy away?
- What does it feel like personally to be received when there's zero pretending on both sides, neither trying to garner favor from the other?
- Who comes to mind as a pillar of truth in your current communities, in neighborhood you grew up in, or in past history? What is/was special about these person(s)?
- In what ways do you people please? What are the effects on your overall energy, your clarity of self (personal identity), closeness in relationships, other?
- What truths do you find yourself and others reserving/suppressing actively at work and in personal relationships? Emotions, thoughts, political/religious beliefs, interests, something else?
- How much effort do you put into sharing what’s true for you? Why or why not? Are you most likely to share your truth by way of writing, speaking, styling a certain way, or some other way(s)?

Note: No proselytizing in any shape or form will be accepted in this and other workshops we hold. Where there are differences in opinion, please respect.

Location: WeWork 115 Broadway, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10006

The event will span the entire 6-8:15pm time allotted to us by our gracious venue, WeWork, and will go like this:

6-6:10pm: Check-in, grab a seat, and greet your neighbors
6:10-6:30pm: Christine Carter's TEDTalk on big screen
6:30-7:55pm: Workshopping as large circle and in smaller circles
7:55-8:10pm: Closing take-aways and shares before heading out for dinner social
8:15pm: We’ll keep the warm energy going at Open Market (6 min walk from WeWork). Nice buffet and market with plenty of quick dinner/snack options. 15 William St, New York, NY 10005

Look forward to meeting, and seeing everybody soon!!! :-)