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Aug 3, 2014


Hi, I'm Michael!

What topic questions would you be interested in discussing?

Missed the Power of Conversation event which would love to attend in the near future! Does conversation flow at its best when one person leads it or when both feel each other's energy or "type" and ask questions on that end? What makes for a mutually "successful" conversation? (personal vs. business)

How would you define a good conversation?

All parties involved leave happier after it.

Would you like to hold your own conversations on a routine basis in public venues? If yes, please contact Ron Gross, Founder/Director, at grossassoc@aol.com. Thank you.

Perhaps in the future

See our calendar of conversations at our home website. http://conversationsnewyork.com/calendar-of-conversations/ Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ConversationsNewYork Thank you.

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