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What we're about

This is a no-pressure, non-religious discussion group for anyone interested in exploring and experiencing Jesus.

Jesus was many things - prophet, teacher, healer, role model, guide and people gatherer. MLK, Jr., Gandhi and the Dali Lama have all cited him as a major influence on their lives.

A major part of Jesus' life was providing supernatural physical healing and spiritual freedom for people. He worked miracles like raising the dead and had command over natural elements.

And he saw the people around them in a way that let them know he cared about them personally.

On Oct 30th we are exploring the questions: "If Jesus healed back then, does he still do it now?" and "Does he see me and my need?"

Group meets every Thursday night from Oct 9-Nov 20 (7pm-8:30pm) at 73 Endicott Ave near Teele Sq. Drop in for one night or come for all of them!

Let's explore and experience one of the most amazing people who's ever lived!

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