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Calling all foodies that like not just to eat well, but also know how to cook well.

Are you an experienced cook (or baker)? Do you want to expand your repertoire, take your skills to the next level? Are you interested in learning about and tasting ingredients and dishes from other countries? Maybe you are a retired chef who just wants to hang out with like-minded people who are passionate about food and cooking and sharing fabulous meals? Or maybe you love to entertain as an excuse to try those complicated authentic recipes from Saveur magazine? or perhaps you just like making everyone around you happy by constantly cooking something delicious? Maybe you are experienced in other cuisines from living overseas... or took cooking classes along your international travels?

If you answered yes to most of those questions, then this group is for you. Let's meet up to cook, learn from each other, have some fun doing it, and eat well!

There are other groups that get together at various bars & restaurants to eat and drink, or some do potlucks and share shortcut and/or Rachel Ray recipes. There's even a group here on Meetup for "non-experienced chefs" (what exactly is that???). That is NOT this group. This group will meet to both cook and eat together, at member's homes. Sometimes it will be a themed cuisine menu to be made in advance, and then we meet-to-eat (Swedish, Thai, Peruvian, etc) so everyone gets to taste multiple authentic dishes. Other times it might just be a small group (8-10 ppl) where we explore a new skill, practicing and producing something together, like canning or making handmade/hand-rolled pasta. Ideally we would love to have some "experts" (members) that will share their experience or techniques so we all can learn. Or maybe we might just meet to try out a new ethnic restaurant in town.

Dinners include 15-25 members at a time. If you can't host, don't worry. Hopefully you can contribute to the group in other ways! ;) The group needs to stay small, but knowing that everyone can't always make every meet-up... we'll cap the membership at 50. When you request membership, you will be asked several questions that you MUST answer to be evaluated as to whether you are a good fit for the group. Please take time to answer these questions thoughtfully. (Hint: usually the people who have very short answers don't get in.) If you don't provide enough info to convince us of your interest, then sometimes it's easier to just turn you down rather than coax more info out of you!

WHO THIS GROUP IS NOT FOR: People who don't know how to cook. People who need a recipe to make soup, (actually, people who need a recipe to cook anything). People who don't know the difference between a slicing knife and a boning knife, a roux and a rouille, baba and boba, fumé and fumet, a coddler and a toddler (not to be confused with a coddy or a toddy!). People who expect others to fawn all over them because they've been to (fill-in-the-blank). People who just want to socialize over food. People who just want to socialize over free food.

WHO THIS GROUP IS FOR: people who are experienced cooks, serious about food and learning new ingredients and techniques... People who really want to cook, learn, and can commit, but don't take things so seriously that they can't have fun at the same time. Cooks who already have a certain level of skill and proficiency in the kitchen. People who buy stacks of cookbooks just to read and be inspired. People who follow food news, Chef news, know which restaurants have just closed and the new ones that are opening in town . People who love to go to Food and Wine events. People who take food tours and cooking classes in every foreign city they travel to.

We'll meet monthly, and sometimes twice a month if we teach a class or do a roadtrip. The max number of guests at any event will vary greatly, depending on the host's limitations, so be sure to check your notifications and sign up quickly. Even if a meetup is Full, sign up anyway! A waitlist is automatically generated once all the spots are taken, but be sure to keep checking back (and check your emails) because if someone drops out, the waitlist automatically moves the next in line to the "Going" column. In the case of a very small class, if there are enough people on the waitlist, we might just do a second "section" (repeat Meetup).

The group also has very small annual dues of $10 to help offset the organizer's expenses... which basically translates to things like extra wine or a house cocktail at a meetup, or ingredients for cooking technique workshops, etc. So, you really want to pay your dues, or even consider donating a little extra. ;) Dues will collected in person, and no longer through Meetup. You will have a 60 day trial membership to check us out, and then, if you wish to join - dues will be required at that point.

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