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That's right Bakersfield, are you cool AF? Well... are you single and hot? Or was at least not the last person chosen in a game of dodge ball? Or maybe married but freaking awesome and adventurous and you have not lost your soul? Do you have any skills or talent (even horrible talents like singing.) ARE YOU SARCASTIC? Or at least not easily offended.
Have you ever sky dived, jet skied, road an animal other than a horse? Tamed a wild falcon? Have you ever made anything (I mean anything... like even a pair of cut off shorts... anything). Do you listen to TED talks? Have you ever been to Burning Man, considered going to Burning Man? do you want to go to Burning Man? Do you even know what Burning Man is!? Why are we having this conversation?!?
Have you ever traveled outside of the US?
Are you from LA? Or from San Francisco? Are you not from Bakersfield?
Are you an artist of any kind? Do you own a business, or want to? Do you have deep thoughts and ideas about life, science, existence, purpose, why the color blue is so beautiful? Do you have great wisdom to share with aspiring other awesome people? Do you have cool stories? Are you not that cool, but you want to increase your coolness and meet other cool AF people?

Then join this group now! This is not like anything you will ever experience in Bakersfield! Meetings will be held mostly at our secret office behind a secret bookshelf door entrance, in a place with a voice controlled universe simulator and elevator hammock swings (we are completely 100% serious.)
We will be bringing speakers to share knowledge and perspective, meditation for awareness, singing and music jams sessions, baking and food parties, pool parties, pillow fights, art shows, fire spinning, aerial silk, other performing arts shows, speakers and performances and much much more! (Heck, if you have some info to share then you could be our next performer or speaker!)

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