What we're about

A YouTube Mastermind for aspiring YouTubers.

Our mission is to develop new YouTubers to 10,000+ subscribers.

"Whoever controls the media, controls the mind."
-Jim Morrison

Our values are:
-PLUR: peace, love, unity and respect. One focused individual can achieve more than an unfocused individual. But many focused individuals can achieve exponentially more. So PLUR allows us to work and have fun together.

-Accountability: we are here to help keep each other accountable so we can all achieve. That means each person must keep his or her word and do as they say, lest they should jeopardize their progress and the progress of their Cool YouTubers peers.

-Fun- as serious and driven as we are, we can best achieve if we are motivated by positive energies. Focused positive energy > focused negative energy.

-Self-education- as iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. Therefore, we are a group that is committed to learning. We do not simply assume intuition alone is enough and we pursue many forms of ongoing self-education, including books, online courses, seminars, etc.

-Youtubing- we Youtube to improve the quality of what I call "grassroots entertainment" and its effect on society. If your work is trash media that serves to incite hate, ignorance, or vulgarity, it is not welcome.

Let's support each other to become successful YouTube influencers!

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1st Meeting of the Committee for Cool YouTubers

Shirokiya Japan Village Walk

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