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What we’re about

Cooper City Weston Hollywood Moms Sing and Sign with Baby is a way for moms and babies or toddlers who would like to come to meet new friends in a fun and creative way!

These "musical playdates" will have baby-friendly instruments, props, movement activities, & full-band background track music for both moms and infants, babies, and toddlers and will provide ways for you to meet new friends with similar interests. We will do activities that include music and sign language to get kids and moms to learn while having fun!

Baby Sign Language will be taught through music to help infants, babies, toddlers, and moms to remember and use signs at home, and there will be exciting opportunities to foster friendships in fun and educational ways!

Additionally, by joining this group you will have access to the Discussion board which will allow YOU to post questions and answers to “pressing” questions for mothers of children aged 1-4. It will allow you to have dialog and network with other mothers about ways to foster communication and learning with your children in fun, creative and educational ways.

Please join Cooper City, Weston, Hollywood Sing & Sign with Baby if you would like to sing, learn Baby Sign, dance, play, learn, drum, tap, jump, wiggle, listen to great music, and meet new mommy & baby friends! Can't wait to Sing & Sign with YOU!