What we're about

We're moving toward a better way of life through sharing and cooperative organization, and we'd like you to join us if you're so inclined, and able.

Our longer term goal is to build a radically sustainable eco-village with a healthy culture; our short term goal is to find like-minded folks to live and work with, in a circle-based, loving, respectful, non-hierarchical, co-operative way.

We're interested in exploring shared housing and co-op cottage industry with a group of conscious, heart-centered people, and forming a core group, on the way to building the village. We're into evolving together.

We believe one major key is living and working in larger groups, being a part of a village, a clan, an extended family, rather than living mainly as individuals, couples, or nuclear families. When we can share big-ticket items like a kitchen, laundry, tools and workshops, cars, etc, we can be radically more efficient, and much more eco-friendly, as well as being part of a real human community. When we grow food and do cottage industry, we can become more self-sufficient and sustainable, and stop or at least radically reduce commuting. When we work together, we can win, even in a world that's generally unfair and predatory. We can live well together, even in a very unhealthy world, and we can begin the healing process that's needed.

The ideal architecture for living well and ethically on Earth is a large central "great house" housing the big-ticket items and shared spaces, surrounded by gardens, goats and chickens, aquaponics, etc, and then ringed by twenty or so small/tiny houses; the eco-village we'll build in a few years. In the meantime, we can live and work cooperatively to the extent possible, make money together more efficiently and equitably than any "regular job" can offer us, and form a core group, an evolutionary cell, if you will.

If a few good people can pull together in a right-sized group, we can do anything. We can live better, with less work and more fun, for a start. Later, we can build a network, and help others to find their freedom together... It's not mainly about material gain, but about living in a better way for the benefit of all. Nevertheless, early investors will profit nicely, as they deserve for supporting a better way of life. Win/win.

The only "catch" is that in order to live closer and work together cooperatively, we have to get along easily, solve problems effectively, and be emotionally intimate and vulnerable with a group of people, which our culture hasn't trained us to do very well for the most part.

We have to love the other as self, and it isn't always easy to love ourselves, let alone others. We all have to be somewhat evolved for this to work; at least some Turquoise in the Spiral Dynamics system, if you're familiar... We have to commit to speaking our truth with compassion, and listening to what others have to say with respect, along with being willing to compromise for the good of the group. And, we have to simply like each other, and want to spend a lot of time together. We have to agree on what's for dinner, and which songs to play after dinner... It's not for everyone, and not everyone is up to it, or even interested. If you're both, we'd like to meet and explore possibilities. We seem to need a better way of life, so let's get together and build one. :)

Nobody usually advertises to suggest that you start a co-op business, because it's to nobody's great advantage but yours, and your co-operators. Your boss wants you to keep earning him money...

Nobody usually suggests that you get together and buy a house with several other people so that you can all quit paying rent, because it's to nobody's advantage but yours. Your landlord wants you to pay his mortgage, and the real estate agent would prefer to sell everyone the most expensive single-family home possible...

Well, consider yourself suggested, and come say hi if you'd like to explore further!

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