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Are you finding the classic single-family residential development paradigm is diminishing in relevance and/or not fitting well with the future you envision for yourself? Whether due to financial and affordability considerations; society’s urgent need to address carbon and fossil fuel impacts; or because it doesn’t address the multi-generational realities of a shifting demographic, there are many reasons why the existing model is a poor fit. Are you looking for a solutions-focused venue in which to actively explore these challenges… and potentially meet partners to co-develop a project with? That’s our goal!

Come and learn along with us! We’re actively seeking a community of like-minded individuals to explore some of the following questions and concepts:

• Co-development housing modalities, including baugruppen, cohousing, limited equity companies, co-ops, and tenant-in-common models, applied to both multifamily and cottage housing.
• Financing, purchase and sale opportunities and challenges with different housing and ownership models.
• Development approaches and options.
• Establishing co-development design approaches that facilitate the integration of high-performance, cost-effective, equitable design goals and ensure adherence to these goals throughout the development process and into occupancy and operations.
• Exploring legal, organizational and group decision-making processes that optimize outcomes for all involved parties.
• Learning the right questions to ask of developers, architects, contractors, financial advisors, and real estate professionals to ensure you’ve assembled the requisite skills and experience to pull off a co-development project.

Our group is in the earliest of development stages and we are open to all ideas around this goal. Please join us for a spirited dialogue about scoping out and planning our future meeting topics and field trips. Our first meeting will be Saturday, November 10, 10-11: 30 a.m. at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park (might be subject to change). Bring your ideas and inspiration and leave with new motivation!

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First "Curious about Co-housing" Meeting-bring your ideas!

Third Place Books @ Lake Forest Park Towne Center

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