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Copenhagen AWS User Group
Copenhagen AWS User Group
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Gammel Kongevej 60 · Frederiksberg

How to find us

Entrance to KeyCore at the main Codan building - get a guest pass from reception - someone from KeyCore will be there

Location image of event venue


** Show and Tell **

Are you working on something awesome with AWS? A tool, a website, a pet project or just an idea? Come, show and share with your fellow coders in our AWS community to get help and recognition for your great ideas!

Every participant is allowed to place a topic in the Show and Tell hat at the beginning of the event, we'll then take turns drawing a topic. Every participant will have 10 minutes for their topic. Talk about it, demo it, present it, whiteboard with the community - the format is up to you.

You're not required to "actively" participate in Show and Tell. Listening, learning from others, getting inspired and bouncing ideas is totally fine!

If you like, leave a comment below and let everybody know in advance what topic you'll bring :D

** Open Space **

The 2nd part of the Meetup will be an Open Space meeting.

At an Open Space it's all about having the most interesting conversation(s) possible. We'll decide the topics together, vote on them and put the best ones forward on different tracks. You can think of it as a micro conference :)

If this is your first Open Space and this sounds confusing - no worries! The concept will be introduced and explained so it will all make sense!


This Meetup will be a little different than the typical presentation centric format :)

We hope that you're all up for trying out something new and are looking forward to get to know you all better as part of our community!

Martin & Martin