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Hello everybody, This is a splinter new group. We call it Digital Business Inventor's Lab. In an informal, open-minded and easy-going atmosphere, we aim to help each other develop and train skills that help us to invent this future and to thrive as entrepreneurs, moms, dads, friends, workers, leaders etc. The only thing that gather us as a meetup-group is a common passion and a genuine interest to learn a vey specific skill, one skill at a time. Skills like: mindsets, GRIT, creativity, innovation, social-intelligence, sales, marketing, to be focused, resiliency, good communication, optimism, gratitude, humor, storytelling, and many others. All these skills have been found to be highly important and good predictors of success/fulfillment in life and business. The meetings will follow a simple structure: 1. Icebreaker, 2.an introductory session about one specific skill, 3. a couple of hours training this specific skill in groups, 4. and we will finish with tips to how to keep momentum after the meetup. Every skill may need many meetups. This simple structure of our meetups is flexible and is like a prototype that may be changed, refined to fit the groups needs. In order to make this group a beautiful, fun and productive experience for every member, three conditions are required: 1-A big smile when meeting, 2-A big interest in learning and practicing a specific skill and 3- A Big engagement in helping each other master the skill. If you recognize your self in this meetups spirit, mission and the 3 requirements, Please take a first step to invent the future and join us as a future-inventor. Our first meeting will be during may or june (Vi taler dansk and english), depending on how many members will join. The first skill we gonna train is: Agile Service, Business & Software LEAN UX/CX Design techniques, tools and methods. Also 24 concrete techniques to close a sale. The meetups and introductory sessions are easy to understand videos, speeches and keynotes from several experts in Customer Experience, Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking, Sales, Marketing & Customer Services. Curious?, Join us now.

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