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I am about human connection. I am already connected to many resourceful communities, groups of people and loving friends. My vision is to start a new community. You are welcome to help me do that. Together we will collaborate on how to make that happen.

The purpose of the meetup is to support one another in living life more joyfully. We meet and share of our lifes and experiences. We get more people to interact with. We also learn how to hold space for others, without needing to fix or change who they are.

You should join if you have an intention to grow personally. Your membership will help prevent the disease of isolation. So many people neglect their desire for true connection with the excuse that they are too busy. This can create lonelyness. If you want to be the listening ear for another person, you should join. If you want tools to become better at bringing more attention to your body, come and be inspired.

Your participation will allow you to be there for yourself, as you will learn how to listen to your true desires. You also get to build loving connections to others.

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