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Dependency injection in .NET, what we’ve learned since the first edition

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Dependency Injection is a set of software design principles and patterns that enables you to develop loosely coupled code. One of the most authoritative descriptions of what it is and how it can be applied, can be found in Mark Seemann’s book “Dependency Injection in .NET”. Now, 7 years after the release of that book, with the help of a new co-author, a second edition goes to print.

In this session, you will learn a few of the interesting changes the authors made in this new edition. For instance, why does the second edition consider Ambient Context an anti-pattern, and why should you care? Why is the Abstract Factory pattern more often than not a code smell? And why is compile-time weaving a DI anti-pattern? The session’s tips are practical; you’ll be able to apply them directly to make your code even more maintainable.

You are expected to have some rudimentary understanding of DI, but having read either one of the editions is not a prerequisite.

Please note the start-time, as this is a "go to work"-meetup :)
This meetup is kindly sponsored by our friends at Jyske Bank.

About the Speaker:
Steven van Deursen is a Dutch freelance .NET developer and architect and writing code for the last 20 years. He’s a passionate speaker, co-author of the second edition of the book “Dependency Injection in .NET”, and the developer of Simple Injector; an increasingly popular DI Container library for .NET.

Practical information about the location and parking
When arriving just ask at the reception, and the friendly .NET developers from Jyske Bank will show you to the room where the meetup will take place.

There are two options for parking at Jyske Bank.

Guest parking can be accessed via Klampenborgvej 205. From here you can enter and exist, and its free of charge.

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