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ADI – Automated Decision Intelligence?

ADI – Automated Decision Intelligence, is an umbrella concept embracing both real and artificial intelligence.

ADI builds on the existence of biological decision systems that, driven by evolution, convert data from “chance” into “probability” for predictive use. The advent of the digital computer has scaled this evolutionary process in both speed and capacity, and computerised systems that mimic biological decision systems are now taking the lead in complex decision making. Hence the hype right now about big data, machine learning, deep learning and AI in general. Biological decision systems determine all behaviour – from E. coli at the bottom of the evolutionary scale, to homo sapiens at the top. The human decision system is the most advanced of all biological decision systems.

We invite you to attend this introduction to biological decision systems. You will learn about their origins, structure and functions, and you will learn about the human decision system in detail. This knowledge will provide you with an essential grounding in Automated Decision Intelligence and its central future role in advanced decision making technologies and enable you to construct efficient and useful algorithms for life, business and science.

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