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LambdaCube 3D & more

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The next polyglot meetup is now in the making.

I was working on a theme-night on Erlang & Elixir, until I suddenly got an offer for a talk on a totally different subject, that had to be in June. The Elixir/Erlang thing is not forgotten, and will probably be the next event coming.

So lets meet on June 30th, and hear some interesting talks about various languages.

The talk that kicked of the event, will be on LambdaCube3D (see below). I plan on adding one or two more talks to the list. We have a lot of ideas/proposals lined up, but I still have to contact various speakers and hope some can do it at short notice.

This means that we are definitely open for other offers, either on subjects somehow related to the LambdaCube3D talk, or something totally unrelated.

I also still have to find a location for the meetup, but wanted to get this online as soon as possible, so keep your eyes open for updates on this page. Don't worry, the location will be somewhere in central Copenhagen, or within easy reach by car/S-train.


Planned talks so far:

LambdaCube 3D ( a domain specific language and library that makes it possible to program GPUs in a purely functional style. Programming with LambdaCube constitutes of composing a data-flow description, which is compiled into a specialised library. The language provides a uniform way to define shaders and compositor chains by treating both streams and framebuffers as first-class values. Csaba Hruska and Peter Divianszky will give an overview and we plan some live coding as well."

Pilestraede 43 · Copenhagen
17 spots left