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Let's pipe it

Update: I have changed the date to the 24th. I didn't realize that it was "Sankt Hans" evening.

I think you guys must have heard of the awesome dplyr package which has introduced what Hadley calls "the grammar of data manipulation". What you are less likely to know is that the popular %>% (pipe-) operator was developed by one of the members of CopenhagenR. Stefan Bache is the developer behind the smokin' hot magrittr package that takes inspiration from another cross platform, open source and functional-first language called F#. Stefan will guide you through how to use his pipe-operator and in addition show you some of the lesser know features of the magrittr package which I believe will blow your mind.

I'm also very excited to present the next speaker to you. In the spirit of the F# theme from maggritr, I have been lucky enough to come in contact with the two time Microsoft MVP award winner Phill Trelford, who is in Denmark for a short while. Phill is one of the organizers of the F#unctional Londoners MeetUp Group and is one of those guys who just seem to create more cool stuff than the average Joe. Phill will give you a quick introduction to the R type provider in F# and show you how to connect F# with R. He will also give a deeper talk about the machine learning capabilities in F#.

I'll update the place later this week and will send out a notice.