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Welcome to the Coral Springs Writers Group.

Are you thinking about writing a book? Want to better communicate in a professional setting? Or are you a published author looking to connect with other writers?

If you are looking to become a better writer, this is THE PLACE!

All levels welcome.

We focus on critique circles, but also have a variety of activities ranging from creative writing exercises, writing workshops, and publishing seminars. Although we have historically focused on the needs of fiction writers, our group is open to and supportive of all types of writing at all levels. So if you are an excited beginner, a seasoned word weaver, or even if you have a string of best sellers to your credit, we invite you to join us as we seek out the joys and challenges of creative wordcraft.

Here is how our critique circles work. Bring printed copies of your around-1500-word pieces for everyone to read. We divide the time based on the number of people at the meeting. We silent read and then discuss. Usually this means ten minutes for the silent reading, where everyone can mark their copies and make notes, and then another ten for discussion.

To determine how many copies to bring, you can check the meetup to see how many people are coming to the particular meeting, but it's common for regulars to show up at the last minute. So, since we split the group into two if we have more than eight people sharing, printing eight copies will usually suffice.

Please double-space your printouts to allow for easier notations.

Keep Writing!

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