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Cork Art-Skills is the Meetup group of Visions School of Art in Cork City. Visions was founded and is run by Andrew Carroll (BA MA Visual Arts Practice IADT Dun Laoghaire).

The school is committed to developing creativity, imagination and art-skills, as well as bringing people together over their mutual interest in creating art. All classes, workshops and events at Visions are for adults (18+). One example of what is on offer are adult Art classes, where - as a bonus to learning new skills - students can make new friends and acquaintances over the six-week cycles of specific courses. There are constant opportunities to ask other students about their work, and to interact with the group as a whole, during breaks.

Visions also facilitates a variety of workshops and events, for example Painting Nights, which are a mix between a social night - complete with wine and food - and a chance to engage with personal creativity. Other examples of events are Gallery Visits, complete with casual discussions before and after, over coffee.

Through all of the above, Visions helps to bring together individuals who may have had a long-standing interest in art, but that have not previously become involved in activities where they might share their interest with like-minded people.

Visions holds a 'learner-centered' approach to education, meaning that Andrew - the tutor - will take you from where you are at in terms of experience and capability, and move you on step-by-step from there; this is the only way to make real progress in your understanding of art-skills, in our experience. Classes are a combination of a practical demonstration about a certain aspect of the specific art-subject, and individual tutorship, where the learner-centered outlook of the school comes into play.

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